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January 19, 2007

Color Correct

I've spent the past several months trying to get my monitor to look like what's coming out of my printer.

Even when I thought I'd had everything perfectly matched up, I'd still end up with a considerably different result than I was expecting. Eventually I learned to just make an educated guess in my head, because the differences were at least consistent.

As I was digging through my monitor's on-screen settings a couple days ago looking for something completely unrelated, I finally figured out why: the monitor was configured for a different white point than I was trying to achieve. So I changed the color temperature to "User Color" and wham!—my monitor is now a dead-on match to my prints.

The best part is I haven't even spent a cent on calibration hardware, since Apple builds a good-enough monitor profiling utility into Mac OS X.

January 20, 2007

Reading List

I received several books for Christmas that should make for good reading this year. I'm not sure how I'll cram them in with things I actually need to read, but I'll definitely continue trying to squeeze them in.

I'm also a bit of a freak: My tastes tend to lean toward non-fiction. There's a world of information out there just waiting to be absorbed, and books are a good way to sponge it up.

Anyway, this year yielded:

  • If I Die in a Combat Zone by Tim O'Brien. Perhaps the seminal work in a sea of books about Vietnam, O'Brien's book captures the hell that was the war. I read part of it in high school when assigned O'Brien as a paper topic, but it seems even more appropriate to have a copy given our overseas involvements today.
    Not that I'm comparing Iraq or Afghanistan to Vietnam at all. Nope.
  • Thunderstruck by Erik Larson. Marconi invents the radio, a murderer runs rampant in England, and various other asides. Mmm, ancient modern technology.
  • The Ghost Map by Steven Johnson. A deadly outbreak of cholera? Count me in. I'm not morbid or death-obsessed, but this is the kind of stuff that just sucks me in.

While these books are new and interesting, I've got several others from last year (both Christmas gifts and codices I purchased myself) that are still sitting in states of partially-completed limbo. Vonnegut's Breakfast of Champions is sitting in my dresser, half-completed from a 3 hour flight to Louisville. I saved it lest I need to make another plane flight, but that isn't in the cards at the moment.

Somewhere around here is The Time Traveler's Wife, which I got partway into. There's a Tess Gerritsen mystery sitting on my shelf mostly-completed, plus three more from a Christmas or two ago that I haven't even started. Hell, they're even shelved in the proper order so character development takes place chronologically.

I think my (very) belated resolution for the new year should be to make more time to enjoy a good book. A handful catch my interest every year, but I can't actually remember the last time I read one cover-to-cover.

Short fiction's all I've been able to cram into my schedule, and that must change. Short fiction is great, but sometimes you just want something you can keep coming back to, put all the pieces together, and say "damn that was great."

I want that little literary orgasm you get from finishing a really good book. The last time I got that was when I finished Barbara Kingsolver's Animal Dreams, which was an absolutely beautiful novel. I want that drive again, the one that overrides any planned reading schedule and makes you devour a half dozen chapters at a time because a story is just that enthralling.

January 21, 2007


I finally moved my entire web presence over to DreamHost, but some companies (cough Qwest cough) have incredibly slow-to-update DNS servers that are still pointing at the horrible hosting account I had with 1&1.

So I'm presently borrowing Earthlink's DNS servers just to access my own damn blog. Which is silly, but since nobody at Qwest seems to know how to run an ISP in any way, shape, or form...

If anything's missing (like every image I've ever used in a post), I probably haven't restored it from my backup archives yet. My apologies to everyone who stumbles upon my humble site from Google, looking for one of the illustrated how-tos I've written in the past. Things will be normal again shortly.

January 25, 2007

Aw hell naw!

I'm done channeling Will Smith now.

I spent the entirety of yesterday cruising around north-central Arizona, visiting Native American ruins as part of an ongoing photo project I'm working on. Not once during the entire day did native lore ever pop into my head.

I thought about how beautiful the area was, how hard life must have been, and how amazing their stone-built structures were given they were enormous and had to be shaped entirely by hand.

It was enjoyable, and refreshing, and several miles of hiking burned off several months' worth of stress.

Then I got home, and at the top of a website I frequent was a discussion topic about skinwalkers.

A discussion seven pages long.

And I had to read every single one of them before bed. Every single of them before I go back out this weekend to shoot more. If nothing else, I am thankful that photography requires daylight, so I won't be stomping around in the dark looking behind every rock for a skinwalker waiting to get me.

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