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March 2, 2004

Just Say No

This message brought to you by the fashion police: just say no to trucker hats.

Ladies, there is nothing sexy at all about a $40 trucker hat that cost Von Dutch $0.50 to make sitting cockeyed and sideways atop your head. I don't care if it has a brand name like Von Dutch, I don't care if it's snarky and sarcastic. It looks stupid and ugly.

There is nothing cute, sexy, or even remotely attractive about most girls in a trucker hat.

And your attractive-to-fugly ratio only continues down the bad side of the slope when coupled with the recent fashion trend of using pajamas as everyday clothing. Or worse, velour track suits.

I find myself questioning if some of you even own a single mirror. A dressy blouse does not belong with a pair of pajama pants. Trucker hats belong on nobody. There's a rather large no-(wo)man's-land between "haute couture" and "mainstream fashion" that we shall dub "damn fugly." Far too many of you are homesteading there.

And guys? The no velour tracksuits or pajama pants goes doubly for you (or us, or however you'd like to read this). Most women don't fare well using pajamas as a fashion -- you somehow think you're going to look better? And in case you're caught unawares, the average pajama pant does not do much to, how shall I word this... properly package the goods. No person should be subjected unwillingly to the pendulous movements of your nether regions. If you happen to be Ron Jeremy, this is even more imperative. Pants, men, pants.

Put on some damn pants, America. Denim, khaki, twill, nylon. I don't care. Just not pajama pants or velour. Instead of making a comfortable theatre seat, that velour is just making your ass look huge, which you would have noticed if you consulted a mirror.

March 5, 2004

Girl Scouts and Wac(k)os

I was going to write something about the boycott in Waco, Texas of Girl Scout Cookies (and Girl Scouts in general), but it turns out Kottke already did it, in much the same way I would have.

The man leading the charge has now proclaimed that Girl Scouts are kosher again after their "ending their relationship with Planned Parenthood," and that everyone should buy cookies and be Girl Scouts again. Too bad a fair number of parents jumped when he said jump and pulled their girls out of the organization or went so far as to disband the troops they led.

March 7, 2004


I deemed this weekend "Unproductive Weekend."

After doing productive things like washing the dishes and replacing the fish tank filter so all its inhabitants don't look half-dead, I took a trip to Electronics Boutique and picked up a refurbished Xbox.

Since then, the majority of the free hours of the weekend have consisted of Jet Set Radio Future (which I still owned from my first Xbox, which I sold a year ago), Max Payne and Panzer Dragoon Orta. I even managed to pull down the latest software update over dial-up.

I'm pining for broadband now. Dial-up has been bearable, but with an Xbox again and Live preloaded and a two-month trial waiting for me to activate it... the machine is taunting me.

Qwest claims I finally qualify. Here's hoping.

March 14, 2004

It's Too Quiet

I apologize for the lack of content here lately. My laptop has been on a seemingly endless series of trips back and forth from Dell's service center, and that's where my login information for the blog was (if you want to get technical, the hard drive it's on actually stays with me, but without a computer to plug the hard drive carrier into, it's not so accessible). When the laptop comes back again, it'll be on its _fifth_ motherboard. This is one case where buying the extended warranty was an astoundingly good choice. I'll probably never buy Dell again after the fiasco the last 3 years have been. Ugh.

March 17, 2004

It's As Easy As... Dell?

I recall saying recently that it was likely I'd never buy another Dell system.

After receiving my computer back today, let me reword that: I will never buy another Dell system.

The last repair at least took a good 8 hours to crap out, and there was no visible damage to my case.

This time around, the system is dead on arrival and the right side of my case was broken and marred during the service. I am just absolutely charmed by Dell's wonderful customer service and repair skill!

Bit O' Green

I'm wearing green boxer shorts. Stop trying to pinch me.

No, I won't show you.

March 25, 2004

Glad I'm Not Him

When I got my computer back from Dell the last time, it came with a hard drive that wasn't mine. Rather, the hard drive belongs to a guy we'll call Jim.

I'm sure Jim is quite distressed that he doesn't have his files. I'm sure he's even more distressed that Dell probably doesn't appear to be doing anything about it. If Jim is smart and lucky, he backed up his files before sending the computer off (though, were Jim really smart and lucky, he would have removed the hard drive -- but given the quality of some of Dell's tech support, the "remove parts X, Y, and Z" part of the conversation is being left out a lot more than it used to be).

Since I am in possession of said hard drive, I'm also distressed. I know if it was my hard drive missing, I'd be pissed and concerned. So one of the first things I did when I realized I had someone else's property was try to get it back to them.

When I called Dell to return my freshly-returned just-committed-suicide system, I noted to the tech that not only was my computer now dead, but I also had someone else's hard drive. "You have someone else's hard drive?" he asked. "Yes," I responded. "Okay," he said. I foolishly assumed it would be addressed. By the end of the night, it was unaddressed, I'd been on the phone with Dell for close to three hours and I was now talking to someone in India. Trying to describe the issue to someone in another country at well past my bed time on a business day was not on my list of things to do.

So I filled out the email customer service form, hoping they'd be the ones to handle it. They sent me a reply that they didn't handle technical support issues, and forwarded my email to technical support.

Technical support replied, and worked with me to arrange a pickup for the hard drive. 3 to 4 days, they said. That was March 13th. I assumed they meant business days, so I'd left a little slack before harassing them again. Today's the 25th, and Jim's hard drive is still sitting on my bookshelf.

This reminds me of the time Dell told me -- on four occasions -- a supervisor would be calling me about an issue I was having. Nobody ever called. Not the first time, not the second, not the third, and not the fourth.

Similarly, no box has shown up. So now I try yet again, hoping maybe -- just maybe -- a box actually shows up and Jim gets his hard drive back safe and sound. If you're out there, Jim, it's not for lack of my trying that your hard drive is still MIA.

March 27, 2004

Getting DSL!

The digital land of milk and honey awaits. Thank you, Qwest, for rolling out VDSL services in my area some time ago. No thanks for not telling me they existed, though, or that they're marginally cheaper than your standard DSL rates anyway. And for a faster connection, no less.

I'll be in touch.

P.S. Tell Microsoft they'll be getting my Xbox Live money shortly after my new DSL service is active.

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