December 30, 2003

I keep continually losing this link.

So, for myself as much as anyone reading:

28MM is an excellent online photography magazine, featuring fresh content covering a wide variety of styles each month. If you like photography, you owe it to yourself to visit 28MM monthly (if not more often).

My favorite series this month is Matthew Hollett's "Abandoned Industrial." The unusual juxtaposition of the natural with the manmade makes for interesting viewing. Hollett's entire series has great composition, color, and caters to my love of old dead industry. I'm especially fond of the second shot.

Katie Cooke does some interesting things with nary a camera in sight in her "Home grown portraits" series. Numerous beautiful pictures of flowers with the pitch black background that a scanner with no lid affords.

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December 29, 2003


When I say I have eclectic tastes in music, most of my friends -- even those who have known me the longest -- just don't understand exactly how eclectic my tastes are (at least until I put something on that blows their minds).

As a small taste, I woke up this morning to the local classic rock radio station. Since then, I've torn through Dixie Chicks, David Bowie, Garbage, The Band, and some Bach. Jimi Hendrix is currently playing. My BMG Music Club welcome package arrived today, containing Mary Fahl, Norah Jones, 3 Doors Down, Pink, and Depeche Mode.

According to iTunes, my collection is comprised of 5 days, 3 hours, 49 minutes, 2 seconds of music spanning 28 genres, 242 artists, and 250 albums.

On the topic of music, I see D has very good taste in music. Just look at all the Garbage in that WinAmp playlist. A little Version 2.0, a lot of the first album, and almost all of my favorites.

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All Set Up

This morning I added 403 and 404 pages, and installed MT-Blacklist. Everything appears to be working. If you encounter problems posting comments, please .
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December 27, 2003

Ken and Consumer Whores

There is such a thing as "too much of a good thing." Lord of the Rings is a good thing. Barbie and Ken as Arwen and Aragorn crosses a line. While I think that's the ugliest likeness of Arwen known to man, that is most certainly the least gay Ken has ever looked.

Mattel supposedly doesn't know why people think Ken is gay, yet they produce things like Fashion Insider Ken. Even gayer is 1st Modern Circle Ken, a career set designer complete with highlights, earthy turtleneck, tight-fitting jeans and a leather jacket.

No mention of Ken as homosexual plastic man would be complete without the train wreck that was Earring Magic Ken. Whether you're too old or not old enough to remember EMK, click the link and you'll understand very quickly why that doll almost always comes up in any discussion of Ken being gay.

Update: A friend pointed me to a page about Biker Ken. It touches on the EMK, and if you're perverted enough, Ken's "born to ride" tattoo answers the question of top or bottom.

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Making the Most of iTunes

iTunes is a great application. In my experience, it's the best digital jukebox software available on any platform (at any rate, easily better than WinAmp's tiny windows and neutered concept of a "library"). Even so, three small applications can make a world of difference in the enjoyment of your music.

Synergy. Without Synergy, you basically have two options if you want to know what song is playing: some widget that takes up permanent residence (iTunes' small mode or a Konfabulator widget), or opening iTunes' dock menu. Forget about both and install Synergy. Every time the song changes, a transparent display will appear briefly and inobstrusively at a location of your choice to display cover art and song information. $5.00. [Wincent Colaiuta]

Volume Logic. The iTunes equalizer does its job, but it's not the most amazing tool known to man. Similarly, while Sound Check is useful, it doesn't take most users long to realize its limits. That's why Octiv came up with Volume Logic. Not only will it maintain a constant volume between songs, but it will also improve their sound. Cheap price, excellent sound quality, spiffy meters vaguely reminiscent of the Teac graphic EQ in my stereo setup. $19.95. [Octiv]

Clutter. iTunes is capable of displaying album covers. Unless you buy music from the iTunes Music Store, your music doesn't have album covers embedded. Clutter solves this problem, retrieving covers from Amazon as songs play and allowing you to easily copy them into every song on that album. Its name comes from its original function -- the ability to drag the artwork onto your desktop as a freefloating window. Try it, I bet you'll like it. Free. [Sprote Rsrch]

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A Fresh Start.

Sometimes the thing to do in life is to start anew. Such was the case with my previous blog. It outlived its name and its usefulness, and so it rode off into the sunset on a horse named Mack.

This, Middle Gray, will be its replacement and has been promised more love and time than its predecessor. A completely new installation of MT, a completely fresh database, and even a completely different server.

It's time to get started.

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