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Reading Your Way to Sleep

One of the big problems I've been having as of late is insomnia.

I've been stressed out, which initially led to the insomnia. And then I got stressed out about the insomnia, resulting in some sort of ridiculous meta-insomnia in which I couldn't sleep because I was worried I wouldn't be able to sleep.

It's ebbed and flowed since, but I never reached a point I was consistently dropping off easily to sleep.

Even on vacation last weekend, sleep was fitful at best.

Coming back from vacation, I vowed to kick insomnia—and I have. By reading.

I curl up with a good book in the dark, click on a book light, and read through a chapter. Maybe two chapters, depending on how much it sucks me in. And then, when I'm done (or satisfied), I put my literature aside and lie down. Bam, give me 30 minutes and I'm out. It's beautiful.

It's also an excellent way to actually enjoy some leisure reading, which is something I've not made time for in... oh... well over a year now.

Hooray for books! They're good for what ails you. They're also just plain fun. (Unless, say, you're trying to finish Atlas Shrugged in 24 hours or something, in which case I suppose torture would be accurate.)

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