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Dr. Rugs

We rented a Rug Doctor for the day to see if it would do anything to clean the horrendous, 20-someodd-year-old carpet (which hasn't been shampooed in about 10 or 15) here.

Answer: Yes and no.

In low traffic areas, where there's not a buildup of nasty people oil grossness, it does a pretty decent job getting the carpet to look nice.

In high traffic areas, where there is that kind of buildup, it doesn't do as well. They do, however, recommend pre-treating such areas with their High-Traffic Pre-Treater. We opted not to.

Regardless of how well it does overall, it does pull up a lot of disgusting crap from the carpet and the pad. What I've been dumping out of the machine isn't so much "dirty water" as "liquid milkshake." So even though it hasn't brought the color of the carpet back to showroom new (which honestly wasn't the expectation), it's doing an admirable job at least making things cleaner (albeit still discolored from years of use).

At any rate, the carpets look nicer in general.

There's also one thing Rug Doctor says I feel I need to address. In their marketing materials, they say the machine is light to load into your car, and easy enough for anyone to use.

It's a little optimistic. Pulling the machine along your carpet requires a good deal of energy and force, as it uses a high-powered vacuum to perform the extraction of the liquid. Yes, just about anyone could go pick it up at the rental place. Actually using it, though? You'd have to be in reasonable shape and have a solid back. And if you aren't already doing regular abdominal exercises, you'll know after cleaning a room.

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