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IKEA Nitton

Half the fun of IKEA (which is one of the few brands I can actually stand to type in all caps) is figuring out how to use their products in ways they weren't necessarily intended. Though they do break things down to one essential use in the catalog, and usually in the showroom, with a little creativity you can do far better.

Take, for example, their Nitton undercabinet kitchen lighting. It's just two or three small halogen lights with screw holes in the fixture. You can thus fasten it underneath (or on top of, if you're weird; or on the side of, I suppose) anything.

One of my initial thoughts was that they'd make an awesome work surface light for my Jerker desk. Screw one to the underside of the top shelf, and blammo, light galore! After testing one in that position tonight, I can say it's indeed true. Heck, a lone 2-bulb Nitton illuminates the entire width and depth of the desk surface. Not too shabby. (I'm not sure whether being able to partially see the lamps would cause eyestrain, though, so I haven't gone nuts with the screwdriver yet.)

My primary purpose for buying one in the first place was to wash behind my TV. If you're familiar with home theater, you know a darkened room is the best way to enjoy a movie. But you also know a completely dark room eventually leads to eyestrain as your eyes no longer know where to focus. Popular solution? A gentle light behind your television brings depth back into the room while not being obtrusive.

I'm not so sure about using the Nitton there. It's actually bordering on being too bright. When I get around to building a new entertainment center, though, chances are pretty good I'll throw one of these handy IKEA lights in the A/V stack to backlight my meager collection of equipment... which amounts to a crappy Sony receiver, a Technics equalizer I inherited from my dad and no longer use, and a 1980s-era Sony CD player that occasionally decides it wants to skip through two tracks at a time. Ah, technology.

Granted, now that I've discovered the Nitton, IKEA is sure to discontinue it. So if you think you have a use for it as well, it would probably be wise to go stock up on the damn things before they potentially disappear forever in June.

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