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If you've been in the market for a printer profiling solution, good news: GretagMacbeth has added an additional Eye-One bundle to their lineup.

The new Eye-One Photo LT strips the CMYK support out of the Eye-One Photo (which you don't need if you're printing through a driver), and takes about $400 off the top in return. If you shop around, you can buy it through the end of May for under $600.

And, as with the rest of the Eye-One bundles, you can upgrade it piecemeal later. Add a RIP and want that CMYK support back? Pay the upgrade fee at that time and there you go.

I was trying to figure out if my startup could afford the Eye-One Photo, but hey, now it doesn't need to!

Edit: I glossed over a point I didn't intend to. For the discounted rate, you also forgo the full-featured RGB profiling for Gretag's "Easy RGB" profiling. It's a reduced-size patch set. The Eye-One Match software uses some fancy mathematics and does a pretty damn good job generating profiles, but for more control you'll probably still want Eye-One Photo.

On the other hand... If you're using the ColorBurst RIP, it's probably the cheapest way to get an Eye-One spectrophotometer to use with their profiling software. Or if you plan on using another profiling package like Monaco or ProfileMaker, again, you won't miss the ability to generate larger quantities of patches (since you won't be using Eye-One Match). Think of it as buying an awesome monitor profiler and getting a print spectrophotometer for cheap.

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