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I was talking to my brother the other day, and we both came to the same conclusion: someone would make a killing if they actually made an undershirt that didn't poke out the collar of your real shirt.

I've tried various styles, various manufacturers, and the damn collar always shows.

You wear a v-neck, and you lose the flash of white in the front... but gain ridiculous and inexplicable collar show at the sides.

You wear an a-shirt or "wifebeater," and you solve the collar problem. But you also end up with a completely pointless undershirt. Why even bother putting on an undershirt when it has no armpit protection? The whole point is to keep your sweat off the good shirt. (I'm happy to say that in recent years, men's fashion magazines have finally joined me in denouncing the a-shirt for the worthless crap it is. Like, totally duh.)

It's not a hard problem to solve. Make the neck a little wider, plunge the collar a little lower, and the undershirt doesn't show. So why has nobody done it?

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