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Aw hell naw!

I'm done channeling Will Smith now.

I spent the entirety of yesterday cruising around north-central Arizona, visiting Native American ruins as part of an ongoing photo project I'm working on. Not once during the entire day did native lore ever pop into my head.

I thought about how beautiful the area was, how hard life must have been, and how amazing their stone-built structures were given they were enormous and had to be shaped entirely by hand.

It was enjoyable, and refreshing, and several miles of hiking burned off several months' worth of stress.

Then I got home, and at the top of a website I frequent was a discussion topic about skinwalkers.

A discussion seven pages long.

And I had to read every single one of them before bed. Every single of them before I go back out this weekend to shoot more. If nothing else, I am thankful that photography requires daylight, so I won't be stomping around in the dark looking behind every rock for a skinwalker waiting to get me.

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