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November 24, 2006

Thanks Giving

I wasn't going to write anything about Thanksgiving this year, primarily because it wasn't one we all would have liked to have experienced. But, you know, it could have been worse. So yeah, I'll give thanks.

I'm thankful for having been able to spend it with my mother and father.

I'm thankful that my brother's not in Iraq or Afghanistan, even though he couldn't spend the holiday weekend with us thanks to the always-wonderful US military.

I'm thankful we got to talk to him for several hours before he had duty.

I'm thankful for all our military servicemen and women, even if the military itself sucks harder than a Dyson vacuum. Institutionalized idiocy, thy name is military. Or DMV, I suppose. But the DMV didn't impact my holiday plans.

I'm thankful for mom's apple pie. Mmmm.

I'm thankful that my grandmother is out of her PT rehab and back at home, away from the crazy death angel person who apparently worked there. Heck, I'm thankful she's got more range of motion following her latest physical therapy than she's had in years.

Oh, and most of all, I'm thankful that my brother just called again and we had a nice conversation for the better part of an hour. And that he'll be home for Christmas.

Posted by Colin at November 24, 2006 10:34 AM

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