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October 24, 2006

Wherein I review the Gillette Fusion

Apparently Gillette wants me to buy more expensive razor cartridges. Last week a brand new Gillette Fusion—that's their men's razor with 5 blades and a single trimming blade on the back—arrived in my mailbox.

I finally got around to actually trying it out today, and it's better than I thought it would be. A lot better. I had written it (and those stupid vibrating models) off as a gimmick to put them ahead of Schick's Quattro, but the Fusion actually gave me a closer shave, and the single blade was much less unwieldy than the Mach 3 at making tiny adjustments. Admittedly, I have the Mach 3 down to a science when it comes to cutting in minor changes, but it's still a bit of a crapshoot. With the Fusion, it's much easier to clean up the edges or pick up spider legs.

I also managed to get through shaving my entire face without nicking myself once, which is an unusual occurrence. But it has happened in the past, so I can't give the Fusion the sole credit for it. I'm sure it does help they've added a larger rubber area, which catches your shaving gel and keeps you lubed up right before the stroke.

That said, there is one major caveat to the good things I've found. Well, two caveats.

1: You really have to lay on the heat and soften your hair before shaving. Otherwise, it feels like the Fusion is ripping every damn hair off your face. The Mach 3 seems to be a lot more forgiving in this regard.

2: The price. You can buy 8 Mach 3 Turbo cartridges for $16. 8 Fusion cartridges are $25. For that same $25, you can buy a 12 pack of M3 Turbos, pay the tax, and still have some leftover for a soda.

Posted by Colin at October 24, 2006 11:23 AM

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