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August 15, 2006

When it rains...

My Jeep's all over the road lately. Hit the highway and it's a darn good thing I'm not motion sick, as it lazily meanders left and right through my lane as I fight it. Going down surface streets, it's just happy to drive off to the right if left to its own devices. A set of tires, a set of shocks, and a new suspension later, the problem's still there... so off it goes to the shop tomorrow to get checked out and hopefully fixed. (My money's on the rear differential.)

I figured, hey, since my brother's off joining the Army, I'll just appropriate his pimpy Grand Wagoneer (which I promised him I'd drive on a weekly basis anyway) and go about my day in 1988 swanky retro style.


His battery is quite dead. Somewhere between 8 and 10 volts, judging by the gauge. Well into the red. And enough to turn over but not actually start.

So now I'll probably have to rent some pissy little sub-compact for $40 a day.

Speaking of money, I tried to open up an account with Washington Mutual today and slowly wean myself off of Evil National Bank. Unfortunately for me, their web site would much rather explode than actually let me do that, as all four of my attempts at opening an account have failed. The third actually seemed to be going swimmingly until it denied my application because it couldn't verify my information (which was provided exactly as required and double-checked). But hey, the three employees I talked to in the process were exceptionally nice and helpful.

Also, everything I need to do tomorrow (with a car I may or may not have) is in the portion of Tempe best described as living hell: construction galore!

One of my friends had his car totaled and found out his mother had cancer. Some friends have been fired just as they're getting ready to have a wedding. The neighbors' puppy has developed a terminal illness. My mom's car still has no rear end now two months after a towing company plowed into her.

It's been a swell couple of days. Here's hoping the rest of the week looks up.

And, I suppose, as they say... How would you ever appreciate the good without the bad?

Posted by Colin at August 15, 2006 3:45 PM

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