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August 13, 2006

Mmm, mail order.

I love JC Penney. I know some people hate them, it's the poor man's department store, blah blah blah... But darnit, they're essentially the only place that sells Levi's jeans in tall sizes, and they do a darn good job of it.

Two pair, en route to me now, and one more waiting to come back in stock. Had I gone shopping at any clothing store, I would have found no pair—32Wx38L is not a size many companies manufacture, much less one stores actually carry. And this includes Big and Tall stores, which for some inexplicable reason think "big" is a prerequisite to "tall." I've never found a pair of pants or shorts in a Big and Tall in a waist size smaller than 38.

At least some stores have decided to admit their lies on the face of things: Casual Male redubbed itself Casual Male XL, which is much more accurate for a store where most bottoms start at a 40" waist and inseam lengths are lucky to reach 36.

King Size... If you want to pay too much money for too little clothing, King Size is the way to go. The quality of their fabrics brings a whole new definition to "ripped off." And that's not even getting into how frumpy and ugly almost all of their clothing is. All their big-sized pants have a 38 inseam, all their tall-sized pants have a 40 inseam (and don't start until a 36 waist). Don't need that much length? Too damn bad for you! We have one size, and you'll like it! They don't publish the inseams for their shorts at all, either, so how they'll fit you is a mystery!

The crapitude of King Size is especially fascinating when you consider they're owned by Redcats, the same company which brought us fave tall- and "plus-size" (which is a stupid term for "not anorexic") women's retailer Lane Bryant.

Moral of the story: Don't let your kids grow up to be tall.

Posted by Colin at August 13, 2006 11:47 PM

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