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August 10, 2006

Ah, Terror.

1. We are simultaneously at Terror Alert Levels yellow, orange, and red. Simple and easy to understand indeed!

2. The NPS gave the no-go to reopening the Statue of Liberty in full, claiming fire danger and terrorism. The best we can do is—rather appropriately—grovel at her feet from the top of the pedestal. The statue was closed briefly in 1916 after German terrorism, and everything but the damaged arm reopened to the public (and keep in mind, this was during a real war). It remained open through additional attacks (one in the '60s, for example) targeted specifically at the Statue. But not in the 21st century, Baby!

3. The UK claims terrorists planned to bring down planes using some sort of liquid or gel. Homeland Security's solution? Ban all liquids and gels... in the cabin. Even those purchased after the security checkpoint. Moreover, explosions in the cargo holds aren't particularly preferable to explosions in the passenger cabin, and passengers were welcome to have their verboten products in checked baggage.

4. The UK, in an astounding display of stupidity that makes many of the US' own recent decisions look brilliant by comparison, bans carry-on luggage and electronics from its outgoing international flights. Passengers may take a few items in an airport-provided clear plastic bag. The banned carry-on baggage full of dangerous consumer electronics that may be bombs is then... you guessed it... carried as checked baggage.

5. But wait, they go one better! Obsessed with the potential for terrorism in the airport, UK officials elect to force passengers to wait outside the airport doors for their flights. Gigantic, concentrated mobs of people thus generate outside of locations Britain considers to be a potential terrorist target. Gigantic, concentrated mobs of potential soft targets. I see they thought that one through well: Dispersed populations throughout the airport facilities, or the potential for huge casualties in an orgy of vulnerability? We'll take the latter, thanks!

6. George W. makes another stunning speech filled with grasping at straws for ideas and awkward pauses as he attempts to form coherent sentences. He references Muslim fascists as the attackers. Fascism: "A philosophy or system of government that is marked by stringent social and economic control, a strong, centralized government usually headed by a dictator, and often a policy of belligerent nationalism." Interesting accusation from an administration attempting to Federalize nearly everything, that has been involved with sundry new morality regulations, and is associated with actions in the Middle East and Europe that some would describe as "belligerent nationalism."

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