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August 3, 2006

Travel sucks.

My brother will be graduating from Basic Combat Training in a couple months, and I'd love to be there for him.

Unfortunately, apparently almost nobody wants to fly from Phoenix to Louisville, Kentucky: Southwest is the only carrier using full-size jets to make that flight. Everybody else has a plane change somewhere en route into a tiny regional jet (in America West's case, a jet seating an oh-so-many 37 passengers). SWA is also the sole carrier to offer non-stops to and from Louisville, and even they only offer a single non-stop per day.

Southwest is also a barjillion (nice word, eh?) times more expensive than any of the other carriers, but in my mind it's worth it to stay on a 737 for my entire flight. SWA's $319/direction, where everyone else ranges from $264 to $416 for a round trip. SWA's cheapest fare is $170/way, making them certainly not the cheapest carrier—but staying on a single 737 the entire flight is the benefit of that extra cash. And can someone tell American Airlines that's it's 2006? While they're among the cheapest fares, they're also still flying almost entirely MD80s and MD83s. No thank you, ancient plane and bizarre seating configurations.

I wonder if AmEx still offers discounted fares for being a cardholder... [Edit: Like all the other travel sites, they only book for everyone but Southwest. They do offer some good discounts, but not enough to get me on a crappy regional jet. Still, a regional jet's an improvement over the turboprops you would have been stuck with in the '80s and '90s.]

Posted by Colin at August 3, 2006 6:44 PM

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