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July 31, 2006

1GB CompactFlash for $31

I know this makes 3 posts about Costco on the front page, but what the hell...

Through today, the 1GB SanDisk Ultra II CompactFlash card has a $15 painless rebate on top of the $46 warehouse price (hop on Costco.com, enter three things from your receipt, receive check).

The resulting final price is $31, which is a damn good deal. While you can purchase up to 3 of 'em at the warehouse price (happy face!), only 1 per membership qualifies for the rebate (sad face!).

These suckers retail for $75 a pop, so stock up at cheapo prices!

If you don't require instant need gratification or don't have a Costco card, Amazon's selling the same cards for $46.73 at the moment.

Posted by Colin at July 31, 2006 1:01 PM

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