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July 13, 2006

Damn Dermis

Dooce's skin cancer scare reminded me that I have a nasty little bugger on my back that I should really go to the doc and have checked out. I'm reasonably certain it's a boring if bizarre freckle, but better safe than sorry.

I've got the exposure history that's pretty much doomed me to being on the lookout for skin cancer the rest of my years. As the result of a braindead babysitter, I suffered second-degree sunburns at a very young age. And I had many, many repeated run-ins with sunburn during my childhood and teenage years due to lackluster reapplication of sunblock and the occasional "eh, I'm not going swimming for that long."

Lately I've been much more cautious about applying sunblock and monitoring my exposure, but I've always thought the Skin Cancer Foundation's recommendation to wear sunblock every day was a little out there, what with the greasy feeling and the stink. Turns out Coppertone brought out not one but two entire oil/fragrance free lines of sunblock while I wasn't paying attention. They even claim they're non-comedogenic, so using them daily shouldn't result in building your own minefield of acne (which has always been a huge problem for me with normal formulas).

I know what I'm going to the store to buy tomorrow. Worst case, it sucks and I go back to staying in the shade as much as possible.

Posted by Colin at July 13, 2006 11:24 PM


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