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April 8, 2006

Vision Like Magic!

So, I just went and sunk over $100 on my second eye exam in under six months because EyeMasters proved to be so incredibly inept this year.

The revolving circus of ODs at EyeMasters continually tried changing my contact prescription since December and only made it worse on each visit. The doctor I saw today at Nationwide Vision (which, it's worth mentioning, is locally-based) did my exam, told me my contact prescription was the same as the one I gave the optician during the pre-exam, and took me up front to order a couple boxes of lenses. Astounding!

EyeMasters never did get it right; the final prescription they were willing to come up with left me with woefully obvious artifacts of astigmatism. Everything in my left eye had fuzzy duplicates around it, and light sources haloed like nobody's business.

The last doctor who saw me at EyeMasters told me (a) then don't look out of your left eye by itself, and (b) he wasn't willing to change the prescription because I had 20/15 corrected vision and we'd just make things worse if we kept trying to fix something that wasn't broken. Even despite my pleas that my left eye is my dominant one and it's noticeable in ordinary vision.

In fact, I still have a pair of trial lenses waiting for me at EyeMasters that I'm never going to go pick up. There's no point, given I can't wear anything but Acuvue and the script is wrong anyway.

Posted by Colin at April 8, 2006 3:25 PM

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