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March 7, 2006

Fun with Polaroid

I gave a brief presentation on Polaroid image and emulsion transfers to a bunch of artists last night, and it seemed to go over really well. I received a number of compliments when it was over on how interesting it was. Way to luck out, heh.

If you've never tried a Polaroid image transfer or emulsion transfer, definitely give it a look. It's easy as all get out to begin and you can end up with some absolutely amazing results.

The image transfer Bible is Holly Dupré's eBook, and there's a large gallery of nothing but image transfers and emulsion lifts at Marek Uliasz' Polaroid Transfer Resources.

Polaroid transfers are also an excellent start for mixed media projects—you can lay down an image transfer as a framework and easily pastel, pencil, or paint the hell out of it.

One tip: if you try an emulsion lift, be sure to slap some Contact Paper on the backing. Some tutorials leave this step out, to disastrous results: the backing will dissolve in the hot water you use to lift the emulsion, leaving you with a bunch of nasty hot water and possibly polluting your emulsion layer with annoying white flecks.

Posted by Colin at March 7, 2006 7:47 AM

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