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January 20, 2006

Installers Suck

Yet another cool new app for the Mac has been tarnished by a cross-platform developer who thinks every application needs an installer.

So I'll say it again, though I know many other people have said it, and that this won't be the last time:
Don't use installers. Don't use the Mac OS X system-provided installer. Don't use a third-party installer.

Saith Apple from upon high to developers:

Because most applications for Mac OS X are built as self-contained application bundles (defined below), users can install them in most situations just by dragging the bundle to a folder for which they have write permission. This drag-and-drop type of installation is the preferred method for installing Mac OS X software.

Unless you've got the absolute need to install files into system locations, lay off the installer and make a pretty disk image instead. Heck, in most cases you can even avoid an installer then by building what Apple dubs a "self-repairing" application—this is, in fact, how Microsoft Office works. Drag Office off of CD and onto hard drive, launch Office, and it can install any files that are missing.

Posted by Colin at January 20, 2006 11:26 PM

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