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November 6, 2005

I've Got a Life

If you haven't heard the new single from the Eurythmics, go check it out. It's entitled I've Got a Life, and it's available now from the iTunes Music Store (and presumably elsewhere, but I haven't checked). It is epic and feels very much like the Eurythmics of the past, which is kind of comforting with the world whipped up in a frenzy of disaster lately. As a complete aside, I've noticed that lately I've been listening much more than usual to the music I grew up around. I can only assume it's a sort of unconscious attempt to bring some semblance of sanity to far-too-busy weeks and the Certain Doom of sentient hurricanes, the bird flu epidemic poised to kill every third person tomorrow, terrorists hiding behind every trash can, and the coming apocalypse. Man, I still love the voice of Annie Lennox.

Posted by Colin at November 6, 2005 12:37 AM

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