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October 15, 2005

Qwest Still Sucks.

And for the record, Qwest still sucks as an ISP.

I hadn't seen e-mail from Citibank in an age, and finally got my first message in probably six months (!) from them yesterday. Woohoo!

Meanwhile, Qwest is continually bouncing messages from another financial company, so I've had to direct it to a friggin' free e-mail account. I'm so glad I'm paying for the use of Qwest's worthless mail servers.

Apparently when I called Earthlink to cancel, and they asked "Would you like to keep your e-mail address?", my answer should have been "OH GOD YES PLEASE!"

I'm about thiiis far from buying a used 1U server and a low-bandwith colocation account and supplying my own damn mail server.

(And no, I haven't bothered calling Qwest yet; their technical support people are patient and friendly, but their network operations staff -- the ones who would need to fix this -- couldn't administer their way out of a wet paper bag.)

Posted by Colin at October 15, 2005 10:16 PM

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