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September 17, 2005

All Quiet on the Northern Front

Thursday morning, ants had invaded my bedroom. I spent the entire time from waking to leaving the house vacuuming up the annoying little critters who seemingly reproduced out of thin air.

Thursday afternoon, I went shopping at Home Depot in hopes of finding a pet-safe ant killer or trap. No dice.

Thursday evening, I gave up and grabbed the Raid Ant Trap II from Fry's. (Home Depot also sold it, but they were closed when I finally gave up on manual labor.)

Throughout Thursday evening and this morning, the little buggers kept coming in to the diner from hell, feasting on the tainted bait therein, and leaving or dying on the spot. The ants didn't seem to mind the dead; they just kept on trucking in and out.

Tonight, the conga line surrounding the and trap has disappeared -- and mysteriously, so have the dead ants. So either ants remove and bury their dead, or there are reanimated zombie ant corpses lurking around outside somewhere. Despite the sci-fi movie potential of the latter, I'm kinda assuming it's the former.

Either way, I can't argue with the quality of the Raid product. I read a few reviews on epinions last night that were a mixed bag, but they were all the previous generation which used some chemical I can't recall at the moment. The current generation -- the Ant Trap II -- uses Avermectin as the active ingredient. Having had animals treated with Ivermectin for mite infestation, I'm not surprised it did its job well and quickly.

Posted by Colin at September 17, 2005 12:05 AM

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