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September 15, 2005

Creepy Crawlies

For the second time in the last couple of years, ants have invaded my bedroom. This time is much worse than the last; last time they were centralized in the corner behind me computer, happily mowing down some juice I'd spilled and apparently not cleaned up well enough. An express flight later, it was hasta la vista anties.

No such luck this morning. They're running a war with multiple fronts.

I first noticed the little bastards last night, finding one crawling on my iBook. Given the floor didn't appear to be moving, I just assumed it was in Odin's fur when he came in last night.

I discovered this was not the case when I stumbled out of bed with the alarm and shambled down the hallway to the bathroom (if you've seen Shaun of the Dead... I'm Shaun). I sat down to do my business and realized my foot had a distinct sensation of movement. Looking down, it was crawling with easily half a dozen ants. Initially I wondered what the hell they were doing in the bathroom; then it dawned on me there was nothing of ant interest in there and they hitched a ride from my room. They were quickly dispatched, and I went back to my room to find them.

Knowing where last night's first visitor had been, that's where I looked -- and sure enough, there were ants. Not doing anything in particular, just coming out of the middle of the carpet. I doused them with lens cleaner until they stopped moving and then went to get the vacuum. I ruthlessly vacuumed them up, even taking the time to shout "Take that, you little bastards! Burn in hell!"

This would prove to be a mistake.

The ants that had initially hitched a ride with me, it turned out, were not from that portion of my bedroom.

Nay; they were from a much larger grouping right in front of my door. I'd riled them up when I stepped on them on my way out, I'm sure, and I had now left and re-entered the room several times including rolling over their little colony with the vacuum.

As I rolled into the hallway victorious with the vacuum, I realized I was being bitten and scaled.

I'm sure I was a sight to see, screaming "Shit!" in a girly falsetto and then frantically slapping my legs, ankles, and feet whilst decked out in a pair of boxer shorts and Teva flip-flops.

Peeking back in the door, there was the next I'd just stirred up. While more numerous, they're apparently also incredibly stupid; they've claimed a pile of magazines. The other ants had at least found two crumbs. These... are crawling on glossy tech industry magazines.

Posted by Colin at September 15, 2005 9:41 AM

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