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September 9, 2005

Gas Prices Suck

Trinity wins this round. I thought I'd beat her 50.00 fill-up, but even at $3.119 a gallon the pump shut off at $45 and change. If I was a little less sane, I'd start an SUV rental service for people like me who need offroad-capable vehicles but hate the fuel costs of using one as a daily driver. A rental service where the vehicles would be expected to come back with pinstripe and mud and brush, which the likes of Hertz and Avis tend to frown on. (Feel free to steal my idea and make a million-dollar business out of it. I don't mind.)

Dear gas prices,

You suck.

Get cheaper. And don't try to give me that hurricane BS; I'm already aware we get almost none of our supply here from the gulf.

Love, Colin

Edit: How apropos. I paid $3.119 this morning. This afternoon, Mobil lowered their prices to $2.999. It's still outside the realm of reasonable, but it's a damn sight better than over $3.

Posted by Colin at September 9, 2005 1:42 PM

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