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August 18, 2005


I do believe I've lost my mind. I didn't particularly care about being in the Zero Chin-Up Club in elementary school or junior high, and all my attempts since to build upper body strength have been abandoned within a couple months.


After managing a wholly pathetic 3.5 consecutive push-ups today, though, I have a renewed sense of commitment to improving my upper body strength.

Who knows, some day I might need it. Terrorists might attack, and I might have to shimmy out of a sun roof and climb up a cliff face using only my bloodied knuckles and a few precarious and convenient tree roots.

It's worth a shot; if I give up, I give up. As long as I don't end up looking like Tony Little, it's worth trying to add some developed muscle to my lack of body fat.

Posted by Colin at August 18, 2005 3:29 PM

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