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August 10, 2005

Going Old? Font Tip.

I've been intending to redesign this blog for a while, but Movable Type 3.2 is finally goading me into it. Version 3.2 is going to have a brand new default layout, so I figured I'd sit down to both convert the current stylesheet and make a brand new one. Everything's better when you can make drastic changes with just CSS, after all.

I'd also been intending to try my hand at transforming something new into something vintage-looking. I did that today, and that served as the inspiration for my new design.

Starting with a photo I took a couple years ago, I opted to recall the days of square photographs. It went well. I even got some decent-looking wear on the white edges of the photograph. Heck, I even have one side where silverfish chewed the border away (my personal favorite touch, as I'm quite experienced in the "silverfish eating my paper things" department).

Something was lacking, though. It just didn't feel right.

And it hit me: a caption. Commercial photographs of that era had captions in a suitably stodgy typeface on the bottom border. Off to the races it was, and in a few minutes I'd found a winner amongst Ray Larabie's enormous body of work.

While not a dead ringer (a dirtied-up Courier with smallcaps would probably be what you want for accuracy points), Engebrechtre fits the bill nicely and looks right at home. Plus it's free, so no complaints there.

Mira aquí: engebtxt.jpg

Posted by Colin at August 10, 2005 5:42 PM

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