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July 14, 2005

Pure Beech Sheets, Revisited

Oliveyes writes: > Hi, I don't know if you're still doing this blog -- but it popped up when I did a search for Pure Beech sheets from Bed Bath & Beyond. This is purely out of curiousity -- do you still love your sheets all these months later? Did they survive washing and drying or did they get little annoying pills on them? Are they as soft as you imagined them to be? I'm happy to say I'm still quite satisfied with my Pure Beech jersey bed sheets from Bed Bath & Beyond. They've survived use, washing, and drying quite admirably in the time I've owned them, which is rather miraculous given my sleeping habits. I tend to toss and turn quite a bit, particularly during the summer, and it's not unusual to wake up with my sheets wrapped around me. Despite this, they haven't stretched out unevenly or deformed into weird monstrous shapes. :) As for pilling, there's some, but no amount really worth speaking of. The top sheet is without pilling. The fitted sheet is only slightly pilled at the immediate foot of my bed, but I'm also an extra-long freak and my feet hang off the edge of the bed. A more normally-sized person, who doesn't rub the sheet against the edges of the mattress all night, might not see that pilling. They've seemingly grown less soft with time, but they're still far more comfortable than any set of cotton sheets I've owned. I also had major pilling problems with several sets of cotton sheets over the years. [Bed Bath & Beyond][1] just sent me this month's circular, and it looks like they're offering the sheets in more colors than years past, as well. Including an insanely bright orange, if you enjoy the "burn your retinas out" school of interior decoration. ;) **Updated Information** Want to know how they held up after being used daily for two years? Check it out in [Pure Beech Sheets, Revisited Again][2] [1]:http://www.bedbathandbeyond.com [2]:http://blog.tigre-tech.net/archives/000589.html

Posted by Colin at July 14, 2005 5:51 PM

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