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June 11, 2005

Radio! From space!

I'm starting to think there may be a point to satellite radio after all. When it first came out, I thought it was a neat idea (a ton of stations, accessible from the whole country, with no commercials), but I thought the prices were a little much. Then both XM and Sirius ended up at their current $12.95 per month and I shrugged it off as even worse than the $9.99 one of them was charging before.

Both XM and Sirius now offer a 3-day trial via the internet, though, so I figured I'd test the waters. I dutifully installed Windows Media Player for Mac, signed up for the XM trial, and color me impressed. While I do have an iPod and it's loaded with music, I've heard most of it. Sometimes you want to hear something brand new. Or sometimes you're in the mood for nothing but 70s or 80s hits -- in my case, there's almost nothing that old on my iPod because everything I own from the 80s is on cassettes.

I'm still not sure it's worth $12.95 a month, but if I magically had an extra $12.95 at the end of the month, I could see it going to good use on subscription radio. At least for my taste, Phoenix is down to one good station (The Edge). I haven't used my iTrip to broadcast my iPod to my radio for a while because some station is illegally bleeding over onto the empty frequency I was using and I haven't sat down to find a new frequency.

To just plug something in and have good music streaming in from Earth orbit? Fine with me. I could get used to listening to nothing but 80s music all day.

Posted by Colin at June 11, 2005 11:38 AM

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