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May 9, 2005

Billy has invaded

This afternoon saw a repeat trip to Ikea, this time complete with two bookcases heading out the door to find a place in my bedroom.

The one thing I can take away from this experience? Bring a friend. Given the cheap-ass cases I've currently got, I never would have imagined Ikea's popular Billy would be so heavy. The standard size -- 31 1/2" wide and 79 1/2" tall -- weighs 95 pounds flat packed. The corner shelf is even worse at 110 pounds.

A few things remain to be picked up later. A Gruva lamp will eventually sit atop one bookcase (probably the corner one) -- nice little buggers, and they include a UV filter to be safe for lighting artwork. At least one more bookcase still needs to be purchase, size yet to be determined. I also want to green up the rather barren room (there's not a lick of plant life present), probably doing so with the bamboo stalks they sell for cheap in the garden section. Bamboo's green, rather difficult to kill, and rather easy to care for. In short, it's a fine choice to put some life in a room without being married to it.

Posted by Colin at May 9, 2005 1:46 AM


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