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May 1, 2005

IKEA Billy Sale

Everyone's favorite manufacturer of affordable Swedish crap, Pikea Ikea, is running a sale on their Billy bookcases and a few other things from May 5 to May 8.

25% off select Billy bookcases. It only applies to the versions in beech, but nothing's keeping you from altering them yourself if you really can't stand beech. Basically this brings the beech prices temporarily down to the prices for white and grey.

Me, I'm all over this. I have two bargain basement bookcases in my bedroom that have certainly seen far better days. Every last shelf is wildly bowed, and they're both kinda short anyway.

Billy bookcases are available 10 inches taller than my current bookcases (a whole extra shelf!), plus the shelves are reinforced to prevent bowing.

That said, I wish somebody -- are you listening, Ikea? -- would start selling shelf and peg kits for their bookcases. Like nearly every other bookcase available to purchase, Billy is adjustable. Problem is nobody sells extra shelves and mounting hardware, so the most you can manage is however many it comes with.

I've got a ton of trade paperbacks, and it's an immense waste of space to leave the enormous gaps traditional bookcases force you to.

Posted by Colin at May 1, 2005 11:36 AM

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