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April 30, 2005

Thanks for nothing!

There's one thing I noticed in releasing some software that's rather bothersome: some publishers don't see fit to let you know they've reviewed your product. I only knew my software had been reviewed twice because users wrote to let me know they heard about it from a publication's review of it.

In one case, the magazine in question was in Australia, so I'd certainly never have been aware if it had someone not mentioned it to me (and still, I have no idea what exactly the review said).

Certainly reviews of products can serve the readers, but at the same time it would be wonderful if the product's vendor is made aware that such a review even exists. If the review was inaccurate, I completely missed the opportunity to offer corrections. If the review was spot-on, I don't know what shortcomings and areas for improvement the writer discussed. I can sit here and critique Ford or Apple or Bank One all day, but it's not doing them or me any good for a resolution if I don't let them know what my problem is.

Posted by Colin at April 30, 2005 4:45 PM

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