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April 8, 2005

ANTHONY GOICOLEA: Photographs, Videos and Drawings

If you enjoy art, you're in the Valley -- particularly EV -- and you haven't been to the ASU art museum recently, consider heading on down there before June 4th. The exhibition currently on the third floor is ANTHONY GOICOLEA: Photographs, Videos and Drawings. In a nutshell, he's a photographer who has assembled basically his entire oeuvre around self-portraiture. He appears in his pictures, generally multiple times, and the effect is more than just a little creepy.

I had to fight back inappropriate laughter while viewing the exhibit today, as one of the images screamed "mass cult suicide!" to me. Which brings up another point about his work -- much of it is purposefully ambiguous. Male or female? Restraint or abuse? Fleeing from or running toward? Your own twisted psyche as the viewer plays some part in what you get out of it (beyond "holy shit, this is kind of creepy," anyway).

It wasn't until I was in a gallery of Goicolea's work that I found it disturbing. Some of his works were touched upon in a photo history class I took ("Blizzard" being perhaps one of his better-known pieces), and two or three of them in a book aren't all that disarming. In person, though, his stuff is much more massive than most photographs. Some are easily 6 feet tall. Even the smaller works on exhibit are on the order of 30 inches square.

Another neato, and less unnerving, exhibition currently running (now through August) is Rampa: Signaling New Latin American Art Initiatives. A lot of cool stuff. I was particularly fond of the gold-leafed film positives. Neat effect.

Admission to the ASU Art Museum is free. If you get lucky, parking is also free (reserved spaces; sign in at the front desk to avoid being towed or cited). Otherwise park off campus (campus meters are capped at an hour, not to mention you'll be waiting for a space forever) and walk. Open Tuesday through Saturday; closed Sunday, Monday, and major holidays.

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