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February 28, 2005

Proudly Not Getting It since 1927

The recording industry in this country is so immensely stupid. I'm pretty sure at this point that their overriding goals are (a) to never have a clue and (b) to continually gouge the consumer for awful music. Their forthcoming disaster? In response to the "burgeoning demand for legal online music", some labels want to raise the wholesale price of the songs. This, of course, will result in the online music stores having to raise their own prices to continue to be profitable. This will likely cause a dropoff in the number of legal downloads, completely failing to achieve the labels' goal of "attempt[ing] to capitalize on" the demand for legal online downloads. $0.99 is a sweet spot. It's impulse buy. It's nothing. It's not even a whole dollar, not that a dollar goes far these days. Not only that, but it's a psychologically appealing price. This idiotic plan is, on the other hand, a potential boon for the labels not considering price changes: They can prance around gaily, proclaiming "look! You can still get our songs for $0.99, not $10.00 like those other, greedy record companies' songs!"

Posted by Colin at February 28, 2005 5:56 PM

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