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February 25, 2005

Color me nonplussed

I just got off the phone with Xbox Customer Service, which was apparently farmed out to the Philippines at some point in the year since I've called.

I was only able to make out occasional words here and there for far too much of it, due both to the CSR's accent and the rapid speed of much of her pronunciation, and she repeatedly had completely wrong data despite repeating it back to me verbatim while entering it.

The end result is a damn mystery to me, as the Xbox Protection Cord manual clearly states that failing the test means the cord is bad while Random Filipina Employee apparently believes my Xbox is broken and I need to shell out $79 to have an out-of-warranty repair. I wouldn't be surprised if she completely misunderstood my problem: she asked me if I had another power cord, I replied no (which she acknowledged), and then proceeded to tell me to use my extra power cord to test the system.

At this rate I might as well just go back to living on the edge and using the same power cord I've been using since 2004 (and my original Xbox had the same Scary Deadly Flaw, for that matter).

The call left a bad taste in my mouth, as the CSR reported my Xbox wasn't registered. I mailed in the postcard, though, in addition to having linked it in my Xbox.com profile, so that makes no sense (maybe she entered a non-existent serial number, given the extra numbers she kept trying to put in my phone number).

Worth noting: Microsoft's own extended warranty can be purchased any time within the first year of purchase for $49.90, while an out-of-warranty repair (which any repair after the first 90 days will be) is $79. Smart people will hang up from tech support and activate a warranty. But given my Xbox is apparently not registered, I wonder if they even have the purchase date for the damn thing recorded, or if I'll have to fax copies.


Posted by Colin at February 25, 2005 6:21 PM

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