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January 14, 2005

Techno Nirvana

I have achieved technological nirvana, courtesy of Apple, CompUSA, Sony-Ericsson, and D-Link.

D-Link products have been on rebate over and over at CompUSA, so I finally decided I'd go pick up a Bluetooth module for my Mac. Brilliant choice. I wish I'd done it sooner, since one of the reasons I sprung for the T68i a couple years back was specifically because it had Bluetooth.

Anyway, Bluetooth on Mac OS X is pure sex compared to Windows (I tried to love Bluetooth in XP, but it was a "sodomized with a splintered broom stick" kind of love). But the best feature is that iSync supports syncing to Bluetooth phones (and some Motorola phones using a USB cable) -- a feature I'm very grateful for. My address book (which I keep on my computer) and my phone's phonebook are rarely, if ever, in sync.

When someone's phone number changes, I make of a note of it wherever it's convenient, and it either ends up in the address book or in the phone. Problem is down the road when I want to call that person, I don't know which number's current (if I'm sitting at the computer with phone in hand) or I have the wrong number (if I don't have both phone and computer).

Enter iSync: the phone's already paired to the computer, so I just click the button in iSync, and a minute later we're golden. The contact information syncs up, and I can now make calls wherever I happen to be with the current number. Heck, I can work it right into my morning ritual of checking my e-mail and disconnecting the iPod.

Good stuff, though the Bluetooth circuitry does suck up battery a little faster.

Also cool: when the phone's paired with the computer, Mac OS X can pop up a dialog whenever I get a call, telling me who it is and allowing me to handle the call without ever touching the phone. Am I in love? Yes.

Posted by Colin at January 14, 2005 1:58 PM

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