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January 3, 2005

Life Hates Me

Have you ever had the impression that the world's out to get you?

I certainly have. Like today.

Last night I pulled the car in and noticed it was having some problems. I came inside, figured out what the problem was likely to be, and went to bed assuming I'd take care of it today.

Walk outside this morning and it turned out one of the rear tires was flat. Changing the spare in would be an option, but it's raining cats and dogs. It seems like it might be passable enough to drive down to Discount and have them do a free repair on it.

It stops raining. Huzzah. I call Discount and ask how it's looking. Guy says an hour and a half wait.

I go digging around looking for the bike rack, thinking perhaps I can drop the car off and bike back home (and be accomplishing something) instead of sitting in their lobby for two hours. I finally find the bike rack, but the keys to the hitch lock aren't with it. Remembering they're in my car, I go to the car to get them... and they're no longer there.

"Fine," I announce to no one in particular, "I'll just go waste two hours of the day." After all, I need some pet supplies anyway and there's a Petco and a bunch of restaurants across the street from Discount. I grab my keys and a coat and it starts pouring harder than it has in months. So hard that the only thing I can hear is the pounding rain. It floods outside.

So I gave up.

A few minutes ago I decided I'd just have to put the spare on and take it to Discount tomorrow, because the tire's just getting flatter and it won't be driveable. Like a good boy, I retrieve my tire gauge from the glovebox to take a reading off the spare.

The spare is freakin' empty. Steel belted and ready to roll, but so grossly under-inflated that it's neck-and-neck with the flat tire in its worthlessness.

Apparently I was meant to stay home today.

Posted by Colin at January 3, 2005 4:34 PM

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