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December 4, 2004


Kudos to the folks at Valve for coming up with Steam. While some people are convinced it's Evil™ because it's yet another form of product activation, at least it's activation done closer to right! I don't need a CD, I don't need to reauthorize if I upgrade, and moreover, I can install anything I own on any computer I'm at.

I tend to upgrade fairly regularly, due both to hardware failure and advances in technology. In both of those cases, Windows pisses itself and forces me to call Microsoft to use my [whole damn] computer again.

And so far as games, requiring the CD to be in the drive is absolutely asinine. Solution? Steam. It's also a heck of a lot faster (for me, anyway) to download the game via broadband instead of waiting for a slow CD-ROM drive to churn and whine and vibrate its way through the install.

It also doesn't hurt that Valve decided everyone with a Half-Life CD key would be privy to the Half-Life Platinum Pack if they registered with Steam.

Posted by Colin at December 4, 2004 4:25 PM

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