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November 26, 2004

Canon Gadget Bag

In reading reviews of the Canon gadget bag sold as part of the Digital Rebel package (the Gadget Bag 2400), I've found a number of people take issue with the idea that the bag can hold two camera bodies and still have room for lenses.

It can, though it's easy to overlook how.

As it ships from the factory, the smaller dividers are at the left side of the camera bag and configured to provide two teeny little pockets and a larger area suitable for a lens. What people seem to be missing is that the dividers are scored to fold. With a "normal" prime lens (I'd guess anything around or under 70mm), you can stick a lens in and then fold the flaps down.

In a rather unsurprising revelation, the resulting cavity in the camera bag is the perfect size for a second camera body, particularly if laid flat (so the body cap is staring up at the sky).

If every lens you own is a monstrous zoom, then yes, the (nicely compact) bag won't fit much for you. But it can easily fit two bodies, the kit lens, and close to a half dozen standard or wide-angle prime lenses. More if you leave all the dividers in and take the lens off the camera every time you pack it.

And then you still have the zippered mesh pocket in the top to stuff all your filters and batteries and whatnot into.

Posted by Colin at November 26, 2004 12:19 PM

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