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November 18, 2004

Don't Fall Down

Today I finally got around to hanging up the media shelf I bought at Ikea last week (a week ago tomorrow, actually). It's a little bit of a crap shoot, really. While at Home Depot I hemmed and hawed between the 50 pound mounts and the 90 pound mounts. The shelf itself is 20 pounds, and I loaded it up with every DVD and current video game I own to find out the total weight is under 40 pounds.

The back of the hanger box is, of course, rather cautious, noting that the maximum weight is only a suggestion and may vary depending on the phase of the moon and whether or not the drapes match the carpet. I'm praying that 38 pounds is enough under 50 that my walls won't give me any argument.

It seems secure as it's hanging up there now, empty. It doesn't move. It's snug to the wall. All is quiet on the western wall.

But I have horrendous visions of coming home to find scratches in my speakers, glass everywhere, and but the top of my shelf (which is really more of a cabinet, but whatever) clinging to the wall by its support brackets.

I suppose if it's not sturdy enough, I can always run back to Home Depot and pick up the 90 pound supports. After all, the 50 pound ones unscrew from the drywall easily enough, leaving a charming gaping hole (into which the 90 pounders can go to re-secure the shelf, or joint compound can go to fill in the hole and pretend it was never there).

Posted by Colin at November 18, 2004 9:46 AM

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