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November 3, 2004


As bewildering as the current election results are, I'm withholding judgement (as the fuckers in the news media should some day) until the votes are actually counted.

Seriously, who the hell thought up the brilliant idea of declaring victors and losers with hundreds of thousands of outstanding ballots in most states? In Arizona, there were still people who hadn't voted at midnight, not to mention more than 300,000 uncounted provisional ballots, plus all the mail-in ballots, and the state turned red at around 10 o'clock. Yes, Arizona's always red, but where does the media get off making these distinctions nilly-willy?

To put this approach into another context: I just looked out the window. The sky is blue right now, therefore it will not rain for the next month. Sounds stupid, doesn't it? But it's the end-all be-all in politics for some reason, and rumors abound of Kerry already planning to make a concession speech within the hour.

Posted by Colin at November 3, 2004 9:09 AM

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