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October 23, 2004

McDonald's Chicken Selects

I don't generally eat at McDonald's, as I've been of the opinion for years that their food sucks. Their fries have always been good, and their shakes are tasty, but the bizzarely spongy burgers just ain't right.

With the new ad campaign for their chicken selects, I figured I'd give them a shot today for lunch.


While the Chicken Selects look tasty enough, the texture is a lot like the burgers: not at all right for what it's supposed to be. Rather than chewing anything like chicken, it's more like something too soft and too nondescript. To their credit, it was all white, though "meat" may be pushing the limits of truth in advertising.

The dipping sauces were pretty sad too. Not being a barbecue sauce fan, and having ranch at home, I asked for honey mustard. My first bite, I thought "this doesn't taste like honey or mustard." My second bite, I pondered, tasted more like sugar than either of the halves of the equation. A quick look at the ingredients list confirmed my suspicions: the first two ingredients (and thus the most common) are water and sugar.

My shake was tasty enough, though. Thick and chocolatey and a reminder of years of my childhood.

Posted by Colin at October 23, 2004 1:29 PM

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The Ingredients are hidden! I found one but cant find a copy as I remember its 25% sodium water white chicken meat and rib meat followed my 30 or so other ingredients!
10 pack had 119% DV of sodium 1250 Calories

this is one of the top 3 unhealthy foods at mds

Posted by: brad at November 16, 2004 9:59 AM

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