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October 23, 2004

Qwest Update

After the Qwest debacle, I expected some sort of response. If the operations people wanted to be stupid, they could have responded and told me I was full of shit (which would have pushed all the wrong buttons). Really, though, I expected at least a retraction of the far too nebulous "abuse warning." While an apology for the inconvenience and unsubstantiated conclusion-jumping would be super, I certainly wasn't and am not expecting one. Companies like Qwest don't care enough to apologize.

But apparently companies like Qwest don't even care enough to acknowledge that (a) they got my message and (b) were aware of the facts presented in it.

I'm now waiting for more abuse letters, as in the course of getting my new router up and running I've gone through three more IPs. Given we already know Qwest apparently doesn't track who actually has their IPs at the time of an incident, I'm just waiting for complaints to roll in about one of the three I've had today.

If they're stupid enough to threaten my account again, they're going to get an earful. As it stands, they'll probably be getting a letter to their corporate office, as this (ignoring the issue and being entirely clueless) sure as hell is no way to run any sort of internet service. Really, it's no wonder they shipped the majority of their customers off to MSN. It's just a shame they didn't do the same for their VDSL customers.

Posted by Colin at October 23, 2004 7:20 AM

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