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October 21, 2004

D-Link DI-604

I ran over to CompUSA to pick up a broadband router tonight, as I've grown tired of wasting electricity and generating heat just to allow multiple computers on the internet at once. After rebate, they've got D-Link's DI-604 wired router for $10. I had already narrowed the router search down to that model or a Netgear model months ago, and I figured for $10 it could be absolute crap and I could throw it away if need be. Initial impressions: it's solid and works well. Construction feels a little chintzy, and it takes a couple minutes to figure out what the heck the included optional feet are, but the actual function is great. D-Link's site was helpful in configuring firewall rules for common applications. Firmware upgrades have to be the simplest I've ever encountered on any device. That said, two things that bug me: 1. After a firmware upgrade, everything's back to factory defaults. As you can't load saved configurations generated under earlier firmware revisions, it's a gigantic pain in the ass to re-enter your settings whenever D-Link offers an upgrade. (I now have screenshots of the management pages for this purpose.) 2. You're never warned that an action is going to cause a reboot of the router -- they just happen. I was happily chatting away with a couple friends while changing some router settings, clicked "Apply" to save them, and was greeted with "The router is now restarting" and loss of internet connectivity. I apologized, and was then promptly disconnected briefly again after changing another setting. The moral: set up router completely first, _then_ talk to friends.

Posted by Colin at October 21, 2004 10:50 PM

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