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October 21, 2004

NetNewsWire keyboard shortcuts

Apparently I'm really slow, as I just discovered that a fair chunk of NetNewsWire's keyboard shortcuts don't really need the command key at all. Hit K, everything's marked read. Hit U, the selected headlines are marked unread. B opens in your browser.

I wish I had discovered this sooner, as it's a lot easier to use one finger than to do the old thumb-plus-random-finger stretch.

Update: Now that Brent Simmons, NetNewsWire's creator, has commented on this entry, I suppose I should mention it's no fault of his that I didn't know this. ;)

Rather, I had never explored the full gamut of NetNewsWire because I was quite satisfied with what I'd found in five minutes of playing around. Even when he's added and announced new features, I've generally ignored them. It's met my needs brilliantly with very little effort, and only with the addition of my iBook did I finally start to more fully explore NNW: touchpads are far less efficient than mousing, and there's a vast difference in the way I use my Power Mac and my iBook now (mouse-heavy with the occasional keyboard shortcut on one, keyboard-heavy with the occasional mouse use on the other).

Consider it glowing praise for Ranchero Software and NetNewsWire that it had features I didn't even realize I needed.

Posted by Colin at October 21, 2004 9:42 AM

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In case you haven't run across this yet... Choose Keyboard Shortcuts from the Help menu for a list of all the shortcuts that don't appear in the menus.

Posted by: Brent Simmons at October 21, 2004 1:51 PM

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