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October 19, 2004

Yay for shopping!

I've resigned myself to everything going on sale or being updated shortly after my price protection window expires. You've just got to throw caution to the wind and buy, knowing life will mock you shortly thereafter (and you won't be able to find the receipt, even if you still qualify). It's the way it always works.

And it's no different with my iBook G4! Bought it September 3rd, and today Apple releases a whole new crop of speed-bumped iBooks for $100 less and with preinstalled wireless networking. That's... $50 + $69... $120 I could have stuffed back into the savings account to fund the digital SLR I'm going to need in a couple months.

Unlike some people, though, I just laugh it off. There's nothing else to do. Technology's constantly changing, and there is no winning against new product lineups. So many people I've worked with get angry when new products come out, as if they're in a keeping up with the Joneses competition with the manufacturer. Just because Apple bumped the speeds up 200 MHz doesn't suddenly make my iBook less useful (and really, 200MHz is fairly insignificant). Get a grip, people. Your computer/camera/car still serves you as well now as it did before. It's not like the company is going to send out Crippling Slowdown Rays!!! to make you buy a new computer.

On the other hand, obsessive buyers do tend to flood the eBay market shortly after an announcement like this, throwing supply and demand in favor of the buyer. So take advantage of your high-strung neighbors and pick yourself up a laptop on the cheap!

Posted by Colin at October 19, 2004 10:25 AM

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