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October 16, 2004

Protesting Whatnow?

I had to laugh yesterday as I drove past the gigantic Bank of America building in south Mesa. East Valley residents will recognize it as the building that glows with a blue outline at night, acting as a navigation beacon for many of us living here.

There on the sidewalk were three protestors with a big banner, dissatisfied with the behavior of a large national bank. "Shame on Wachovia Bank," it said, "Stop the labor dispute!"

Wachovia and Bank of America are two completely distinct entities. Though they're both based in Charlotte, North Carolina, they're not sister companies and in fact compete for business.

Apparently they realized this about the time I pointed and my brother started laughing, as they had starting dismantling their gigantic vinyl-and-PVC banner. Wachovia, in fact, doesn't maintain an Arizona presence. I'm not sure what braindead union sent those guys out to protest in Arizona, much less in front of the wrong damn bank. It made for a brief interjection of humor as my brother and I spent the next several miles pondering how you miss the gigantic "Bank of America" logo, and considering other companies to mis-protest.

Posted by Colin at October 16, 2004 3:23 PM

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