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September 21, 2004


Just testing out Brent Simmons' new weblog editor, MarsEdit. It's the spawn of NetNewsWire's old weblog editor, so I assume it works. But testing never hurt anyone.

On the subject of Ranchero Software's latest betas, they're damn spiff. The new icons in the NetNewsWire 2 beta look great, and I very much appreciate the change of keyboard shortcut for "Mark Unread." The old one was Command-Control-Shift-M, if I recall correctly. Maybe Command-Option-Shift-M. Either way, it wasn't fun. The new one is Command-Shift-U, which makes much more sense and I love in ways illegal in 48 states.

MarsEdit is nice, too. And personally, I like it much better than ecto.

Posted by Colin at September 21, 2004 11:36 PM

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