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September 16, 2004

Rambling On

Today's been just lovely. First I woke up earlier than I had intended.

Then I got in the shower. Normally a shower is just the right kind of pick-me-up to start my day. Not this morning. This was the morning the tub drain decided it no longer wanted to work at anything near peak efficiency. When the water got up to my ankles, I decided perhaps it was time to turn off the water, and just stand there naked to God and the world (save for my sudsy lather) until it drained. So I stood there, wet and soapy, as the tub took several minutes to drain. Then I turned the water back on, rinsed myself off, and started washing my hair. By this point it was pooling again, so I turned the water off to continue lathering my hair. But hey, at least it made me conserve water.

Today's an exam day for an online course I'm enrolled in. The last place I saw my notebook full of notes (which I wanted so I could review and study prior to the exam) was in my bedroom -- so I looked in my bedroom. I didn't find it. So I tore my bedroom apart. After the place looked like Hurricanes Charlie through Ivan had just rolled through, it hit me: the notebook I was looking for was under the coffee table in the living room.

Completing the examination, I made myself lunch -- as I sit here, I can't recall checking to make sure the freezer door fully closed -- and left for physical classes at ASU.

As I do nearly every day, I hit the ramp onto the Loop 101, merged my way in... and promptly came to a complete stop. Very promptly, as the car in front of me slammed on his brakes to come to his stop. Not wanting to exercise my insurance and its deductible, I did likewise. Which launched my backpack into the glovebox where it was suspended in air for a brief period before plummeting to the passenger side footwell.

The backpack which happened to have contained my barely-two-week-old iBook at the time. I fret over the status of the LCD screen, but can't very well check it in the middle of the freeway, even if traffic isn't moving.

Traffic eventually picks up to an absolute crawl, barely moving, and exacerbated by the fact people are trying to merge right (the only lane which is moving). I retain my position in the rightmost lane through two miles, deciding I'll get off at the next exit. At this point I'm happy that I recently replaced the coolant recovery tank in my Jeep, as the old one was horribly blocked and the car would have boiled over by now.

The next exit comes up. As I'm committed and stuck in the exit lane, I peer out my window to see the accident which bolloxed up traffic. Directly across from the exit. After which traffic is smooth sailing again. Meanwhile, I'm rolling off the exit ramp into a traffic jam as everyone and their brother who noticed the accident and traffic backup on the freeway attempts to use the frontage road instead.

Oh, right, and before I left the noncommittal Mormons "tried" (in that special way that only complete slackers can achieve) to come visit so I, too, could become a demigod after my death, wear special underpants, and adhere to Smith and Young's interpretation of the Word of God. I'm sure somewhere on the block they ran into someone who was more interested in showing them the word of Smith and Wesson. [Aside: Forgive me if you're Mormon and find my summarization offensive. I can only operate on the input I have, which is that of my Mormon and ex-Mormon friends.]

It's been a lovely day so far. Lovely indeed.

Posted by Colin at September 16, 2004 4:54 PM

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