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September 7, 2004


I picked up Björk's latest album, Medúlla, this weekend. For someone with my strange taste in music, it's a fascinating, well-produced album. I've fallen more and more away from more traditional music, and this album certainly has at least one foot in the experimental realm. Deconstructed, nearly void of traditional instruments, and altogether a little disconcerting, it's an interesting project. Despite layer upon layer of complex sound, songs like "Ancestors" still manage to sound shockingly spartan.

Some reviews have deemed it inaccessible or even trash, but I've listened to Medúlla continually since purchasing it (other than stopping twice to listen to the Nick Drake CD I also purchased). It lurks nicely in the background on a stereo, and is altogether enveloping and occasionally assaultive if wearing headphones.

Posted by Colin at September 7, 2004 11:23 AM

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